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O&M Manuals / H&S Files : Call us on 01580 240431

Pricing for O&M Manuals / Health & Safety Files and other handover documentation is job specific and takes into account many factors. So, the only sensible way to get an instant quote is to ring us on 01580 240431 or email us with the details listed below.

  1. Job Title / Project Name.
  2. Start date, O&M Draft date and finish date.
  3. Is this for a confirmed job or for tender purposes?
  4. A brief scope of your works or the job spec.
  5. The client O&M Manual specification if there is one or confirmation that we can use our standard layout if there isn't one (this may be in the spec).
  6. A list of handover documentation required:(this may be in the spec).
    • O&M Manuals (Y/N)
    • H&S File (Y/N)
    • TM31 logbook (Y/N)
    • Building User Guide (Y/N)
    • Homeowner Packs / Manuals (Y/N)
    • Other (please list)
  7. Media required in decending order of expense:
    • Printable electronic (Y/N)
    • Disc (Y/N)
    • Downloadable electronic (Y/N)
  8. Value of the contract (just a rough figure will do).
  9. A list of all works packages to be included in the quote including all works subbed out and done by yourselves.
  10. Number of subcontractors working under your remit.
  11. Level of service you require 1, 2 (recommended), 3 or 4 more info.
  12. Details of any phased handover documentation requirements.
Note: Specialist subcontractors such as BMS systems or AV will provide their own O&M Manuals in their own layout which are then included within the main O&M Manual unchanged. For more information, please see the Manuals Page