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Electronic (cd and dvd) O&M Manuals

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Have a web based backup of your O&M manuals available to you at all times from anywhere with an internet connection

•   Web based for worldwide access anytime
•   Username and Password controlled access
•   A complete electronic backup of each O&M Manual
•   Peace of mind knowing a copy is safe and always accessible
•   Order replacement hard or electronic O&M Manuals online
•   A very cost effective alternative to many other options

The web based backup O&Ms are exact copies of the O&M manuals left at the completion of the job, printed or electronic. So anyone familiar with the original manual will be able to follow the same layout on the web based version. No confusion with complicated alternative versions of the same O&M Manual.

Here are a couple of scenarios where this system will prove invaluable:
  1. A maintenance engineer working on site needs quick access to a record drawings. He can access the internet, then the archived manual using his username and password and download the appropriate drawing to view. This can all be done on his phone without having to move anywhere, ask anyone or find a computer.
  2. The original Operation and Maintenance manuals are destroyed, lost or otherwise unavailable. You can still access a working manual via the web and order replacement printed and / or CD or DVD versions online or by phone. Even if you have an intranet based manual there is still the chance that your system may have problems. This is a secondary failsafe backup to such an existing system.